Visual Arts

At Lois E. Hole, we recognize the importance of fostering an environment of creativity and self-expression through our Fine Arts Programs!  We are proud to offer our visual arts program in both French and English.

The students in kindergarten through grade two experience art in their homerooms.  This instruction is often incorporated into cross-curricular and nature-based activities and allows the students to develop their visual-spatial skills and creativity!

The students in grades three to six receive their art instruction upstairs in the Art Room.  The Visual Arts Program at Lois E Hole aims to teach students the fundamentals of visual arts through cross-curricular, nature-based and Art Masters-inspired lessons and projects.  It is important for our students to experience a variety of mediums, techniques, and genres of art while learning to develop their skills, a sense of discovery and most importantly a sense of self-confidence.

Please join us during the last week of April for our second annual Fine Arts Week where you can take part in an art walk throughout our halls and experience creating some art of your own in one of our interactive art stations!