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2020-2021 School Fees

Some courses and options have associated fees, as they require specialized equipment or experiences which are not covered by provincial funding. The fees listed are maximum amounts; actual fees may be less. Please note that fees may also be impacted by COVID-19 and activity limitations.

To view the district’s list of school and course fees, please click here.


Full Day, Everyday  $320/month 
Full Day: Swimming Lessons, Special Projects & Activities and Field Trips  $340/year
Half Day: Swimming Lessons, Special Projects & Activities and Field Trips


Grade 1 $100
Grades 1-6 Music Field Trip $25
Grades K-6 Physical Education Field Trip
Grade 2 $140
Grade 3 (includes Nature and Forest program) $195
Grades 3-6 Choir Field Trip $20
Grade 4 (includes Overnight Trip to Bennett Centre) $150
Grades 4-6 Drama Field Trip $15
Grade 5 (includes Overnight Trip to Birch Bay) $200
Grade 6 (includes 2 Nights at Camp) $260
Lunch Supervision $60
Grade 3 Music Program - Recorder $7


Grades 1-6 Art Club
Grades 2 & 3 Running Club $20
Grades 4-6 Ski Club - Dependent on Rentals and Number of Trips
up to $174
Grades 4-6 Golf Club - Dependent on Number of Trips up to $100 
Grades 4-6 Dessert Club
Grade 5 & 6 Eastern Canada Trip up to $2875 
Grade 6 Bamfield Marine Sciences Trip up to $2000
School Clothing - Dependent on Selection up to $55/item 

GRADES 4-6 Hockey Academy

Hockey Academy Program $2160
Required Clothing $240
Options (bags, sock, etc) up to $80/item
Agenda & Communication Envelope
Book Replacement max.$40/item
*Pending Ministerial Approval  
Lois E. Hole Elementary School