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2022-2023 School Fees

Some courses and options have associated fees, as they require specialized equipment or experiences which are not covered by provincial funding. The fees listed are maximum amounts; actual fees may be less.
In accordance with the School Fees and Costs Regulations 5(2)(a) and (b), the process for the consultation with parents was done at the April 2022 Parent Council meeting.

To view the district’s list of school and course fees, please click here.


Full Day, Everyday  $320/month 
Full Day: Swimming Lessons, Special Projects & Activities and Field Trips  $355/year
Half Day: Swimming Lessons, Special Projects & Activities and Field Trips


Grade 1 $125
Grades 1-6 Music Field Trip $25
Grades K-6 Physical Education Field Trip
Grade 2 $150
Grade 3 (includes Nature and Forest program) $195
Grades 3-6 Choir Field Trip $20
Grade 4 (includes Overnight Trip to Bennett Centre) $200
Grades 4-6 Drama Field Trip $25
Grade 5 (includes Overnight Trip to Birch Bay) $200
Grade 6 (includes 2 Nights at Camp) $260
Lunch Supervision (grades 1-6) $60
Grade 3 Music Program - Recorder $8


Grades 1-6 Art Club
Grades 2 & 3 Running Club $20
Grades 4-6 Ski Club - Dependent on Rentals and Number of Trips
up to $200
Grades 4-6 Golf Club - Dependent on Number of Trips up to $110 
Grades 4-6 Cooking Club
Grade 5 & 6 Eastern Canada Trip up to $3500
Grade 6 Bamfield Marine Sciences Trip up to $2400
School Clothing - Dependent on Selection up to $55/item 

GRADES 4-6 Hockey Academy

Hockey Academy Program $2160
Required Clothing $240
Options (bags, sock, etc) up to $80/item
Agenda & Communication Envelope
Book Replacement max.$40/item

Lois E. Hole Elementary School