Character Education

Nature Program

Working collaboratively, the staff of Lois E. Hole developed our character education program around the acronym of NATURE.  A school wide character education program allows students and staff to focus on positive behaviour as we work to become the best we can be: as individuals, as a school collective and as members of a greater community. 

N- New Ideas / Nouvelles Idées
A- Attitude
T- Team Work / Travail D'équipe
U- Understanding / Ultra Sympathique
R- Resilient / Résilient
E- Explore / Explorer

To ensure a solid understanding of our NATURE program and the associated qualities we encourage the school staff to focus on cross age activities, modelling and the acknowledgment of these traits in our students, “catching them being good”. When a student is observed demonstrating these qualities in the hallways, on the playground, riding the bus, or in classrooms, students receive a coloured NATURE ballot. Ballot draws take place daily on the morning news and during monthly school wide assemblies.

Our NATURE program aims to foster a community of education and stewardship, focusing on positive qualities that were valued by Mrs. Hole.