School Council

Lois E. Hole School Council

Who are We?

The Lois E. Hole (LEH) Elementary School Council is a collective association of stakeholders, including parents, teachers, Principal, Vice Principal, staff, and community representatives, who meet monthly to discuss updates, progress, and School Board-related decisions that impact the school. 
Parents, the School’s Principal/Vice Principal, student representatives, and School Board trustees are all invited to attend.

School Council and Friends of Lois E. Hole Enhanchement Society presentation

The School Council Executive includes:
Kerri Groff – Co-Chair
Uzma Williams – Co-Chair
Christie Madro Stewart and Carly Porter – Secretary

What do We do?

The purpose of the School Council is to work together in order to enhance student learning and to create a supportive, caring environment where childhood relationships nurture for a lifetime. Participation at School Council meetings provides parents and other members of the school community the opportunity to engage with one another and facilitate collaboration to develop a common vision for the school. At meetings, members and attendees work together to improve communication, planning, and resource allocation regarding priorities and programs that are needed to meet the expectations of the local school community.

The School Council also enables cooperation with other school councils in sharing information and ideas and providing advice or information to school boards and Alberta Learning. The focus of the School Council is enrichment for all students.

Throughout the year, parents can attend School Council meetings to:

  • Have your questions answered
  • Learn about student aggregate performance and achievement
  • Learn about school events and activities
  • Hear the School Board trustee speak and learn about School Board activities
  • Hear from the Principal about activities going on around the school
  • Learn about community events
  • Receive updates on school changes and planning
  • Sit on on special presentations

How Can I get Involved or Find out More Information?

Meetings are typically held on the third Monday of the month at 7 PM in the staff room. Meeting dates and times are announced in the Hornet Weekly newsletter.
All parents are welcome to attend!
Parents that are looking for a chance to get involved can contact any member of our Executive via our email:
We also welcome any questions about our activities.

School Council News

Dear LEH parents and families,

Hope this finds you and your family safe and healthy. I wanted to update you on some details leading into the start of the year, specifically related to the school supply lists as well as some reminders for September.
The school supply lists have been updated since they were originally released in June. The most up to date list can be found on the LEH website.

**The change was to add hand sanitizer to the list. More on this below.

School supplies are available through purchase online at the Staples School Tools page: **Please note, the pricing for some of the items has been updated (and should reflect their bigger discounts), however the Staples list does not include hand sanitizer. If purchasing through the Staples route, it is recommended that you review the list with what you have purchased to ensure you have everything that is required according to the updated version.

The school supply lists require each student to bring "1-8oz bottle of gel hand sanitizer (child safe)". Some of you may be wondering how "child safe" is defined for hand sanitizer, as Health Canada itself does not have a definition and you won't be able to find this on any product label. I've spoken with Mr. Jones and here is what we are recommending when it comes to selecting a product to send:
- Ensure the ethanol content of the product is at least 60%. There is no need to look for products that are > 90% alcohol ( Health Canada has warnings about technical (high ethanol) grade hand sanitizers, which have been temporarily approved in some cases due to a shortage of products in general).
- If you are unsure of whether it is an approved product, review the Health Canada list of approved products (that is updated regularly):
- There is no definition of “child safe” or "approved for use with children", however we do not recommend homemade versions of hand sanitizer. The product should have an eight digit Drug Identification Number (DIN) or a Natural Product Number (NPN). If it does not have a DIN or a NPN, but was purchased at a store or online, you can also check and see if the product is listed on the Health Canada “List of Products Accepted (by Health Canada) under Interim Measure":

4. Some families may be wondering about donations to the school in the form of hand sanitizer and/or Lysol wipes. Mr. Jones anticipates that they will have adequate supply at the start of school, however donations of these unopened products would also be welcome. We would ask that, if you wish to donate any such products to the school, that you hold off on this until after we receive instruction from the school on the safest and easiest way to get the products to school (ie. not on the first day of school). We will post further instruction once we have further information from Mr. Jones and/or the staff.

5. A reminder about a fund-raising opportunity for families, should you be purchasing labels from Mabels Labels or Olivers Labels for back to school needs. The school fund-raising group (Friends of LEH) receives a portion of the sales through these two organizations. Please see previous posts for information on how to order so that the school receives a portion of the sale.